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Fathers have paid for the right to complain

We often hear women complain about deadbeat fathers. When men try to stand up to the verbal attacks, they are often shut down with complaints about not accepting economic reality.

Let's let the numbers do the talking

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the last year the full national census was collected, there were more than thirteen and a half million custodial parents in the United States. A "custodial" parent was defined as the primary adult care giver of a child whose other biological parent resided outside the primary place of residence. Fewer than 18 percent of those custodial parents were men.

Despite years of legislators and courts promising to do better, statistically, only about one in six fathers are awarded primary custody of their children during divorce or custody litigation.

But recent statistics compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau and other governmental groups demonstrate that men really do have statistics on their side.

Living below the poverty line can, indeed, be tied to child support

In most states, not getting custody also translates to paying child support. And that goes a long way toward explaining why nearly 20 percent of noncustodial fathers are reportedly living at or below poverty level.

While women's advocates can point to a higher percentage of custodial mothers living below the poverty line, there are some fundamental inconsistencies that make a true comparison invalid.

•· First, custodial mothers are more likely than noncustodial fathers to be unemployed or work only part time.

•· Second, more custodial mothers are granted access to public assistance in the form of cash payments, SNAP benefits and other social welfare programs.

Are fathers' concerns backed up by numbers? You bet they are.

It may not come as too much of a surprise to many men reading this that according to a 2012 Census report, less than 30 percent of custodial fathers receive any child support award, while more than 53 percent of mothers were awarded some amount.

In short, an unemployed or under-employed custodial mother receiving monthly child support, but still living at or near the poverty line, is more likely to be granted access to public assistance. Society still expects men to work and women to raise the kids. And this includes responsible fathers who use their own limited financial resources to pay expenses incurred during their limited parenting time.

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