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November 2018 Archives

Yes, false accusations really do ruin men's lives

Over the past several weeks, much has been made in the national media about sexual assault and false accusations. Anyone who has been awake knows what the issues are regarding Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination hearings and the circus that preceded it. We won't take time to review the details here. We think it is more important to discuss the very clear and present danger to a man's career and well-being in society when forced to defend himself against women claiming sexual misconduct at any point in his past.

It's a no-brainer: Kids need their dads

While some single mothers will spout platitudes about how important fathers are in their children's lives, those same moms will often do everything they can to alienate their children from their dads. Moms' alienation techniques run the gamut; everything from outright lying to the kids about their father's vile behavior to claiming the child is too ill to get picked for dad's parenting time. Any man who has ever been involved in a parenting dispute with his kid's mother knows how the game is played.

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