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Men, get over those post-divorce expectations

We’ve all heard people say that the courts in Alabama and across the United States are starting to treat men better in court. Dubious claim. Well, even if the courts are under pressure to change a little, ex-wives aren’t likely to any time soon.

Let’s look at the reality of what to expect. While these may not happen to everyone, most divorced men will find something familiar about each of them.

Stop thinking you can pull yourself up by the bootstraps

Let’s face it, men think they can overcome any challenge. When confronted with an unreasonable demand for marital property division, spousal support or custody arrangement, too many men think they should just roll over. Many men are even advised to give it all up now, then claw it back later. Bad advice. Once the courts rule on a settlement, you aren’t likely to get anything back. It pays to fight hard now to protect your rights and financial interests.

Your spouse will be reasonable when it comes to co-parenting

We’re talking about the woman who just decided she couldn’t stand to live with you anymore. Does it seem likely she’ll be reasonable about sharing your kid any more than the bare minimum necessary under the custody order?

As mature adults you will keep your children out of post-divorce problems

You mean like the way you kept them out of your arguments before you decided to divorce? Some people are actually more miserable after the divorce because they weren’t finished fighting yet. Don’t expect things to suddenly calm down.

The long and the short of divorce

People forget that marriage is a legal contract. Likewise, divorce is a litigation process necessary to break that contract through the courts. Does any of that sound as if caring for each other’s well-being will play much of a role after the divorce is final?

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