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December 2018 Archives

How many women falsely level claims of assault?

In the #MeToo era, when claims of rape and sexual assault fly fast and furious, it’s important to remember that some of the claims are false. As we consider whether to believe claims of assault – whether they’re against a Supreme Court nominee or your next-door neighbor – some facts help put the claims in perspective.

False allegations: The statistics are damning

Google the phrase “false accusations” and thousands of pages will come up, most of them informing us that falsely accusing a man of sexual assault or abuse is a rare occurrence. The handful of articles that do admit it sometimes happens almost always point to the accusers’ history of being mentally disturbed.

Yes, there is a conspiracy of false accusers out there

Following the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation debacle, the Internet blew up with stories about how unlikely it is that teenage girls and women would ever falsely accuse a man of sexual assault or misconduct. As the current narratives go, we are supposed to believe that women have too much at stake or that no woman would put themselves through public scrutiny they would be subjected to.

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