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False allegations: The statistics are damning

Google the phrase “false accusations” and thousands of pages will come up, most of them informing us that falsely accusing a man of sexual assault or abuse is a rare occurrence. The handful of articles that do admit it sometimes happens almost always point to the accusers’ history of being mentally disturbed.

But let’s look at some real numbers of just how often false accusations do negatively impact a person’s life.


In July of 2014, the well-respected The Atlantic published an article that studied the results of more than three million investigations by various Child Protective Services (CPS) departments across the nation. While the report focused primarily on child abuse and neglect by parents, many of the targets were certainly single fathers accused by their ex-wives or custodial mothers.

Some telling statistics

- 3.4 million cases referred to states’ CPS for investigation

- 38 percent screened out as baseless accusations

- 62 percent investigated further

- 58 percent of those investigations were determined to warrant no further action

The statistic that wont get reported

The article revealed that while the number of people referred for investigation by CPS departments continues to rise by the thousands every year, the actual numbers of children who are determined to be victims of abuse declines. In short, there really are people out there who falsely accuse others, for reasons that are known only to themselves.

“…the number of undeserving parents so burdened (by baseless accusations) seems to be increasingand the number is large 

Some may, indeed, misunderstand a particular set of circumstances and mistakenly report people, erring on the side of protecting the perceived victim. Others, to be sure, simply don’t approve of what they perceive as poor parenting skills. But you can also be sure that many thousands of men stand falsely accused by mothers who are looking for a way to deprive fathers of their right to be an active parent in their children’s lives.

False accusations for any reason, by any party, can be disastrous. If you have been accused, don’t wait to see what will happen next. Talk to an experienced lawyer right away.

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