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Yes, there is a conspiracy of false accusers out there

Following the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation debacle, the Internet blew up with stories about how unlikely it is that teenage girls and women would ever falsely accuse a man of sexual assault or misconduct. As the current narratives go, we are supposed to believe that women have too much at stake or that no woman would put themselves through public scrutiny they would be subjected to.

But the fact remains, there are, indeed, women who know the power they have over men’s futures, and there are, indeed, women who will set out to destroy men’s lives by falsely accusing them. Let’s look at one such case out of Pennsylvania that made national news.

A conspiracy of innuendoes and lack of evidence

In early October, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the parents of a male high school student have filed a federal gender-discrimination lawsuit against the school district. The suit provides ample evidence that their son was teased by a group of mean-spirited girls, who lied about the boy’s involvement in sexual misconduct. Due to the school’s uneven disciplinary policies of how accusations of sexual misconduct are treated, the girls’ accusations were immediately handled as the truth, leading to the boy’s placement under house arrest and eventual criminal charges.

The father of the accused boy said he “…approves of the strides made for victims of sexual abuse as reflected in the #MeToo movement. But the pendulum…has swung too far in the other direction.”

The parents filing the suit are also the parents of two girls and recognize the importance of taking sexual assault charges seriously. The main legal point they are stressing in the lawsuit relates specifically to the reverse-discrimination the school district policies set in place. Their current policies provide for taking strong disciplinary measures against boys who have been accused, even before uncovering any factual evidence. When a girl (or girls in this particular case) conspire to harass and spread false accusations about a boy, however, the school district has no policies regarding disciplinary actions. The boy’s family is left to fend for themselves, including legal fees that may result in proving innocence, with little or no consequences for the accuser’s behavior.

Next week, we’ll look at more high-profile cases of false accusations, and what recourse men have to restore their reputation.

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