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January 2019 Archives

Start enforcing laws to prevent false accusations

Too many men are familiar with the tactic employed by their ex-wives or girlfriends when fighting for custody of their children: Strike first by accusing the man of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Many lawyers advise their female clients to make the accusations, even if they are blatantly false. Why? Because we are living in an age of believing the woman, no matter how dubious the claim may be. The accusation immediately puts the man on the defensive, often resulting in thousands of dollars in additional legal fees just trying to clear his name, even with his own lawyer.

Yes, men do get unfair treatment, but they don’t have to

It’s a decades-old question: When it comes to family law court, do men get a fair break? While women continue to argue that men still come out of divorce better off, it’s hard to find any real evidence that is the case — particularly when it comes to child custody and fair parenting arrangements.

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