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Start enforcing laws to prevent false accusations

Too many men are familiar with the tactic employed by their ex-wives or girlfriends when fighting for custody of their children: Strike first by accusing the man of sexual abuse or domestic violence. Many lawyers advise their female clients to make the accusations, even if they are blatantly false. Why? Because we are living in an age of believing the woman, no matter how dubious the claim may be. The accusation immediately puts the man on the defensive, often resulting in thousands of dollars in additional legal fees just trying to clear his name, even with his own lawyer.


Here are the consequences false accusers should face, but never do

Understandably, men may feel helpless when falsely accused. Despite criminal and civil laws aimed at trying to prevent the libel and slander, women never face the consequences.

Here is what should be happening to combat the irresponsible strategies many women employ:

  • Start enforcing the criminal charges: Evidence presented in court is sworn to under oath. All states have statutes making perjury a criminal offense. In Alabama, it falls under Title 13A of the Criminal Code § 13A-10-104: Any accusation presented as evidence that is proven to be false may result in a charge of felony perjury charge.
  • More opportunities for slander or libel lawsuits through civil courts: Our civil laws are clear that monetary damages should be awarded to any party who suffers monetary damages and pain and suffering due to false accusations. The courts should broaden the avenue for men to pursue damages claims when their reputations are ruined.
  • Curtail custody and parenting rights: Family law judges should recognize that a woman who would lie to destroy the reputation of the child’s father is not likely to be the most suitable parent for custody.

If you have been threatened with false accusations, don’t crawl into a defensive posture. Stand up and take the offensive. Make sure your lawyer knows the legal avenues to take to protect your parenting rights and reputation.

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